People and Parks Foundation develops resources to connect people to parks for health, wellbeing and sustainable natural environments.

Our vision is for all people to have access and opportunity to engage with nature now and into the future. Since our formation in 2004, we have collaborated with community, government, philanthropic and corporate entities to develop resources towards projects with the aim to facilitate a connection between people and parks. We engage in projects that seek to achieve one, if not more of our three key objectives, our ‘pillars’.

We develop and implement special projects in collaboration with likeminded community groups that are aimed at improving park infrastructure via ‘value-adding’ to encourage positive interactions with nature, as well as facilitating the use of parks particularly by those in the community who have not yet experienced the benefits that time spent in nature provides, and those with identifiable health and wellbeing needs.  

Our Focus

We support projects that promote and facilitate positive environmental outcomes, and we recognise the innate health benefits to people who engage in this kind of work.

We have three key focus areas, pillars to help us frame our objectives and we ensure that all of the work we undertake falls, broadly or specifically under these three pillars:

  • Connecting Communities to Parks: Healthy Parks Healthy People 
  • Respecting and Conserving Cultural Heritage 
  • Supporting World Class Parks

Why are we passionate about what we do?

We strongly believe in the Healthy Parks Healthy People philosophy and that connecting people to nature benefits the health and wellbeing of individuals, the community and the environment.

It is widely acknowledged that human interaction with nature is a prescription for good health, and that nature is integral to improving and maintaining health. 

A healthy, well-utilised, accessible park system is integral to the maintenance of a healthy, active society. Additionally, enabling people to experience first-hand the joys of interacting with the natural environment helps raise awareness of the issues that might affect that environment, and encourages people to take steps to protect that environment now and into the future.

How Can You Support Parks?

We invite people to read about our past and current parks projects via this website. If you want to support the work we do please consider making a donation.

All donations $2 or more to the People and Parks Environment Trust and People an Parks Health Trust are tax deductible in Australia.