Back to Nature

BACK TO NATURE is a visually stunning 8-part documentary series set to screen on the ABC late 2020 along with a community-activating impact campaign.

The BACK TO NATURE series aims to shift the national conversation around sustainability and protecting the environment. For decades the science has been warning of dire consequences resulting from unsustainable human activity: in Australia, the climate has already warmed by over a degree since 1901, rainfall has decreased in many areas, and extreme weather events are increasing.

17 - Person in Nature

Yet many people have tuned out. Some are too overwhelmed by the scale of the problem and have become despondent, while others are disengaged by partisan polarisation around the issue. This aligns with research that tells us people avoid what makes them feel sad, guilty, or fearful, or threatens their identity, values, and worldview.

At the same time, we’re spending less time in nature than ever before in history, and more time indoors, sedentary and on screens. We know that time in nature is a strong predictor of wanting to protect it, so in losing our connection to nature we risk losing our desire to protect it.

21 - Devices

When the science alone is not working, how can we inspire a critical mass of Australians to become passionate nature protectors?

BACK TO NATURE was conceived as a response to this question, understanding that we protect what we love. By using enchantment – ‘Love, not Loss’ language – the series appeals to a politically and socio-economically diverse audience. Using all the key tools that the research shows makes people care: feelings such as awe and pride; emotional storytelling; strong visual imagery; and meaningful calls to action,  each episode aims to directly activate the audience to spend more time in nature – to connect with it and care for it.

18 - Person in Nature 2

This is an urgently needed project. With an intended reach of over a million viewers, BACK TO NATURE will educate, inspire and empower a mass movement of nature lovers, protectors, restorers and nurturers.

Well-known actor Aaron Pedersen and bestselling writer Holly Ringland - yearning to reconnect with nature themselves - will take the audience on a journey into the deep interconnectedness between human beings and the landscape, exploring unfamiliar stories involving mystery, geology, history, traditional Indigenous knowledge and the latest natural science.  As Holly and Aaron journey deeper into an understanding of our land’s unique story, they bring all of us into a greater understanding of ourselves, our history, and our place in the natural world.

1 - Aaron

14 - Holly

Accompanying the documentary series will be an impact and outreach campaign. We intend to;

  • Create a nation of nature protectors, understanding that people protect what they love.
  • Inspire people to preserve, protect and create natural spaces.
  • Inform and educate people about the evidenced physical and mental health benefits of connecting with nature.
  • Make spending time in and connecting to nature an integrated and essential part of people’s lives.
  • Change the conversation from ‘humans being are separate from nature’, to a mass understanding that ‘humans are a part of nature’.
  • Create awareness that human health and the landscape’s health are deeply interdependent, which aligns with Australia’s First Nations’ paradigm.


19 - Kids in Nature

We’re delighted to collaborate with Media Stockade and Threshold Pictures on this timely and transformative project.  This is an awakening and rekindling that Australians needs.

We are also pleased to confirm that Lord Mayor's Charitbale Foundation is helping to fund the project, and support our aim to change the national conversation around protecting our environment, understanding that human beings are a part of nature, not apart.

“There is a need for the community to reconnect with the natural systems that support us all. We often refer to ‘environmental issues’, as if they’re separate from us - but there is no real separation between social, economic and environmental systems. They are interdependent and increasingly global in nature. “Environmental” problems are really everyone’s problems.

We need to change the conversation and provide the community with the evidence based information they need, as well as emotionally reconnecting them with our life support systems. We hope this series will help achieve that aim.” Daniel Pediaditis, Senior Program Manager for Environment and Sustainability, Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation.


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