General Environment Projects

We work closely with our principal partner Parks Victoria to generate resources to support important environmental conservation and environmental education-based projects in parks.

We believe that everyone should have access to quality green spaces and parks for health, wellbeing, and crucially, sustainable natural environments.

Projects delivered through the collaboration between People and Parks Foundation and Parks Victoria enhance our natural environments, promoting increased visitation to our most treasured green spaces. In a wonderful symbiosis, increased visitation to parks boasting outstanding natural environments where ecosystem health is prioritised and biodiversity flourishes, helps to build the community of parks champions who will speak up to protect these natural environments now, and into the future.

We call on anyone and everyone who feels a personal connection to nature to support our parks, reserves, forests and other green spaces. Join us and experience the many benefits of being a parks champion! 

You could support our work to help save the Tiger Quoll populations of Victoria. 

9 - Help save the Tiger Quoll!

We aim to return native flora and fauna to Victoria's parks and wilderness areas, and raise awarness within the general public about the benefits of being in, and looking after our natural environment. 

3 - Nurturing Nature

Moreover, there are so many things Parks Victoria would like to achieve to improve the environmental functions across the land areas the organisation manages. Your contribution will help make a big difference!