Local History Recovery Program - Point Nepean

Point Nepean National Park is rich in history. Collecting and making accessible much of this history takes time and attention, so that Point Nepean Quarantine Station's story can be shared with visitors and the wider community for years to come. This initiative aims to make historical records directly accessible to all, and to help us learn more about our history through presenting these stories in interactive media.

With funding from the Public Record Office Victoria this project is digitally capturing the significant records held by Parks Victoria and the Nepean Historical Society, and making these available via the internet.

There are fascinating records covering registers of passengers, handbooks, letters, telegrams, journals, maps, plans, newspaper clippings, books and archival images. Working with Public Records of Victoria, Nepean Historical Society and Friends of Nepean Quarantine Station volunteers, the People and Parks Foundation is proud to support this important project, further expanding the collections that help to communicate the indigenous, military and modern day history of the park.