Telegraph Saddle Walking Track

One of the healthiest and best ways to connect to nature is to go for a park walk! Wilsons Promontory National Park (aka "The Prom") offers a variety of wonderful buskwalking opportunities.

BUT there's something missing - a link between the central meeting hub of Tidal River, and the start of one of The Prom's most memorable and popular walks - to the top of Mount Oberon, where walkers can enjoy sweeping views of this stunning natural landscape.

Establishing Telegraph Saddle Walking Track will create a much-needed link in the walking track network at the southern section of The Prom. The proposed track will be 2-3km in length, traversing the northern flank of Mt Oberon, rising approximately 200m. The track will be suitable for moderately fit walkers, including families. 

Creating this new track isn't just creating an alternative route, it fixes some long-standing issues by:

  • enabling a half-day walk experience directly from Tidal River suitable for day and overnight visitors
  • providing an improved departure/return to Tidal River for hikers using the 3-5 day Southern Circuit
  • reducing visitor dependence on the shuttle bus service that provides access to Telegraph Saddle from Tidal River when the access road is closed in peak season
  • eliminating a gap in the Southern Circuit overnight hiking route and creating a true end-to-end walking experience in one of Victoria’s premier walking destinations
  • creating a new iconic day walk from Tidal River to Mt Oberon return
  • increasing the health and fitness opportunities for park visitors
  • reducing energy usage and park management costs due to the intensive operation of the shuttle service.

Please support The People and Parks Foundation and our project partners to establish Telegraph Saddle Walking Track by making a contribution today.