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Nature sustains, heals and connects us all

Thank you for taking a look at this year’s #NaturePact campaign.

Each September we ask people from around Australia and beyond to sign up to make a pact to spend at least 2 hours a week connecting with and caring for nature. At the People and Parks Foundation, we call this Nature Dosing.

Nature Dosing feels great, is good for us and good for our environment. It’s non pharmaceutical, doesn’t require private health insurance and it’s free. And fun.

Join us to explore how you can build your own personal Nature Dose as a lifelong selfcare and planet care practice. Sign up here now!

As we say at the People and Parks Foundation ‘modern science is finally catching up to ancient and living Traditional Owner wisdom’. This wisdom and science is that we humans – like every other living thing – need healthy habitats to survive and thrive. And key to a healthy habitat is access to healthy, thriving nature. It’s now also a declared human right.

How healthy is your habitat? Do you have opportunity to Nature Dose at work, rest, learning and play? Do you feel connected to nature?

Join us to build up your Nature Dose practice, and encourage others to join you for 2 hours a week in nature.

If you choose to share your experiences connecting with nature with us during September on our socials, you’ll have the chance to win sustainable nature-based prizes from our valued campaign supporter, Koala Eco and our friend and supporter Dr Dimity Williams.

Nature – where we all come to life!

Once you have signed up to make your #NaturePact, please check our emails asking you to confirm your subscription.

Stay tuned for our four weekly #NaturePact themes, which we’ve created to inform, inspire and challenge you to better connect with, and care for, nature – at work, rest, learning and play.

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#NaturePact 2023 Partners

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We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the country throughout Australia and acknowledge the ongoing living culture of Aboriginal people.