Live Nature Wise: The #NaturePact Campaign


Every September, during Australia’s Biodiversity Month, we run our annual #NaturePact campaign.

#NaturePact is our community engagement initiative to get people from all walks of life connecting with, and caring for, nature at work, rest, learning and play – to Live Nature Wise. Using social media and IRL community initiatives, we promote the joy, health and wellbeing benefits of connecting with nature, and connecting with each other through our shared connection with nature.

Throughout the campaign, we encourage people to commit to daily Nature Doses by making a #NaturePact and sharing their experiences on their social media channels. Reciprocity is at the heart of our message – as Traditional Owners globally have always known – when we care for Country, Country cares for us.

To date, thousands of  people have made their #NaturePact to spend more meaningful time with nature – to notice it and care for it.

We arrange the campaign around four weekly themes which we develop based around the following:
Week 1: Traditional Owner Connection with Country
Week 2: The Nature Dose
Week 3: Inspiring ways to get your to Nature Dose
Week 4: Caring for Nature

Why #NaturePact works:

  • It rewards user-generated content and sharing
  • Localised, place-based community engagement reaches and supports targeted groups
  • It promotes nature-based partners and events
  • It promotes and supports the development of the Nature Locator app and the Nature Scripts program

We’re proud to be supported by Koala Eco, our Principal #NaturePact Partner.

Become a #NaturePact Partner

A key part of the success of #NaturePact is forming partnerships with like-minded organisations – including nature-based businesses, government, health and environment organisations, Traditional Owner Corporations and businesses, community groups and not-for-profits, land and water asset managers – to build our campaign’s reach. In September 2022, our third annual campaign included over 65 partners from local place-based organisations, community groups and businesses, with statewide, national and international organisations represented.

Our partners tailor their #NaturePact content for their local place-based audiences, promoting their local nature-based assets, events and programming.

The campaign provides creative and inspiring ways to celebrate the joy, health and wellbeing benefits of connecting with nature.  It’s really easy to sign up as an organisation partner, and it’s free to join.

Contact us to register your interest in becoming a #NaturePact partner.

Key Dates:

Partners sign up to campaign: before 31 August
Campaign build-up: mid-late August
Official campaign: 1-30 September
Campaign wind down: 1-10 October
Post-campaign report: late October


Make Your #NaturePact Today

Make a pact to spend more intentional time connecting with and caring for nature, share your experiences on social media using the hashtag #NaturePact. Throughout September, you’ll be guided by content we share relating to four weekly #NaturePact themes. 

Why make your #NaturePact? Because we are all part of nature, and nature connects, heals, and sustains us all. Sharing our nature experiences with each other connects us all and helps spread the word about the evidence-based health and wellbeing benefits of connecting with nature.

Each and every one of us can build our own personal Nature Dose, using all our senses to connect with nature wherever we are and if you need a little extra inspiration or motivation, #NaturePact is the perfect time to start building your Nature Dose.

The cost? 2 hours of your time a week.

Our promise? Time with nature is always time well spent.

What will your #NaturePact be?

#NaturePact: Previous Campaigns

Do you need some inspiration to start Nature Dosing? Do you want to encourage others to get their Nature Dose? Why not take a tour through the information we shared during previous campaigns and discover some fun ways to build and maintain your Nature Dose by connecting with and caring for nature. We also share many key pieces of research about the benefits of Nature Dosing.


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Weekly theme 1
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Weekly theme 1
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