Live Nature Wise


Healthy Humans Need Healthy Habitats.

The People and Parks Foundation educates, inspires and supports people to realise that it is in our own health and wellbeing interest to connect with and better care for nature.

We recognise that as people we are all a part of nature, not apart, and our natural environment connects and affects us all.  Furthermore, we acknowledge that Traditional Owners have long understood and practiced this wisdom, often expressed by the saying that ‘when we care for Country, Country cares for us.’


To this end, we have developed a multi-faceted initiative called Live Nature Wise.  Live Nature Wise aims to connect people to nature for health and wellbeing outcomes and – to ensure the reciprocity needed for sustainability – to support people to better value and care for nature.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises the unique value nature-based interventions offer, particularly for disadvantaged groups, stating:

Interventions to increase or improve urban green space can deliver positive health, social and environmental outcomes for all population groups, particularly among lower socioeconomic status groups.

 There are very few, if any, other public health interventions that can achieve all of this, and especially the impact on active lifestyles, mental wellbeing and social interaction as frequently highlighted as a key benefit.”  WHO, Urban Green Space and Health – Intervention impacts and effectiveness, 2017

Live Nature Wise is intended to operate on individual, community and structural levels to address health and wellbeing, including loneliness and social isolation.  Live Nature Wise provides both a sense and means of connection to something larger than each and all of us – our natural environment.


Live Nature Wise components:

Nature Dose CampaignTo encourage and inspire people to get their Nature Dose by getting out and into nature.Individual – health and wellbeing
Community – greater connection
Commercial – regional and eco-tourism/
Community EngagementPartnerships to promote and provide nature spaces and nature-based activities to build people’s Nature Dose (connection to nature and community)People’s connection to nature and community
Community development
Volunteering opportunities – active recreation, environmental volunteering, citizen science projects
Nature Locater
web platform

Enables people to find, join and review nature spaces and destinations, and nature-based activities and experiences

Enables people to create and share their own nature-based activities and groups (private or public)
Amplifies effectiveness of both campaign and community engagement elements and benefits (individual, community, economic)

GIS mapping of nature infrastructure tracks improvements/deterioration over time

One stop place and online community for nature-based spaces, places, activities, groups, volunteering

The Live Nature Wise Model

5 Ways to WellbeingLive Nature Wise goalsLive Nature Wise delivery mechanisms
CONNECT with nature, and with others in natureFind Nature* ‘Nature Locator’ interactive website and app identifies and describes local nature spaces across tenures, and lists/links to nature-based activities, groups and organisations to get involved with
BE ACTIVE in natureBe in Nature* Using the ‘Nature Locator’ find existing local nature-based activities or (with support) create your own
* ‘Take it Outside’ - a community program that encourages individuals and organisations to take what they’re doing outside
* ‘Nature Scripts’ - a health intervention for targeted cohorts across non-communicable chronic disease, and mental health and wellbeing
BE AWARE of nature KEEP LEARNING about nature and nature spacesNotice, Value and Care for Nature* Notice the nature you’re in – what is it, how is it?
* Sustainability and Conservation pathways
* Using the ‘Nature Locator’ identify local environmental conservation and sustainability membership and volunteering opportunities, or (with support) create your own
HELP OTHERS connect with natureSustain and Grow Movement* Behaviour change psychology, adult learning principles, social media communities and campaigns, peer support and volunteering (neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces, etc)
LNW has been developed so specific goals and implementation are co-designed with place-based partners, enabling the program to be both highly locally relevant and scaleable.



Live Nature Wise has been designed to be work with place-based partnerships, to be locally relevant and highly scalable.

We are currently seeking funding for Live Nature Wise, your support is greatly appreciated.

Live Nature Wise is supported by both the People and Parks Environmental Trust (REO) and People and Parks Health Trust (HPC).

If you would like further information, please call Alison Hill, Managing Director, People and Parks Foundation on 0400 770 502.

Image courtesy of Parks Victoria