Restoring Rock Art

Ancient Rock Art is Under Threat

Victoria is home to hundreds of recorded Aboriginal rock art sites spanning more than twenty thousand years.

This ancient rock is suffering from extensive damage and critical steps need to be taken now to protect park environments and Aboriginal rock art in Victoria for future generations.

People and Parks Foundation is working with Parks Victoria and Traditional Owners to raise funds to put in place restoration and protection  measures to ensure Aboriginal Cultural Heritage isn’t lost forever.

Goats cause damage to rock art sites in the Black Range State Park

Alarming – intentional defacement of ancient rock art sites by visitors

Without immediate action, Aboriginal rock art in Victoria, or it could be lost in our lifetime.

Funding is required to:

  • Protect environments containing Aboriginal rock art
  • Educate parks visitors about preventable degradation
  • Celebrate culturally significant sites

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A cross-sector approach led by community will facilitate positive outcomes for the protection of these natural environments and the ancient Aboriginal rock art therein.